Saturday, March 25, 2006

Windy Today, Windy Tomorrow

There are numerous events that are happening this weekend, some of which are dependent on the wind, or lack there of. Both the Robbie Knievel world-record jump and the Tour Players Championship are just two of the many events. Knievel was scheduled to attempt his stunt on Saturday, but do to too strong of winds he will attempt the stunt again on Sunday at 4 p.m. Winds today were out of the Northwest and averaged around 11 mph. Tomorrow's winds will be out of a more westerly direction but they will still be on the strong side, averaging about the same. Please refer to our wind forecast for a greater detailed picture.

Wind Forecast
12: NW 18 GUSTS 29
1: NW 14 GUSTS 14
2: WNW 17 GUSTS 14
3: WNW 22 GUSTS 14
4: WNW 16 GUSTS 14
5: WNW 18 GUSTS 14
6: W 15 GUSTS 14

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