Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tropical Update

(Jacksonville, FL) A weak tropical wave is moving across the Florida Peninsula and the eastern Gulf of Mexico; its generating some thunderstorm activity near Key West. Conditions are not favorable for this activity to organize into anything more significant but since it is on our doorstep, we’ll have to keep an eye on it.

Another tropical wave moving through the Caribbean continues to struggle and remains little threat to develop further. It will push WNW across Cuba and into the southeastern Gulf of Mexico by the end of the weekend. The northern end of this wave may bring us another chance of rain for Florida on Monday and Tuesday.

Finally, a new tropical wave has emerged off the coast of Africa into the eastern Atlantic. It also is not very impressive at the moment. As it moves westward across the Atlantic over the next five days, we will watch to see if somewhat more-favorable atmospheric conditions begin allowing it to develop more than its predecessors. However, most indications are that we are still at least 10 days away from thresholds that will allow significant tropical activity to begin in the Atlantic Basin.

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