Monday, August 21, 2006


(Jacksonville, FL) Tropical depression # 4 has formed in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean. Satellite presentation is rather impressive and if it is able to retain its organization, it will easily become tropical storm or even hurricane Deby. Soon to be Deby is already quite far north, leaving two possibilities.

One, Deby will stay in the Central Atlantic due to a weakening high pressure ridge; this possibility seems to be more viable, at this time. The second possibility is less likely to happen; however, some of the strongest and most famous hurricanes are notorious for winning against the odds. Deby will continue on her northwest route but when in the Central Atlantic a second area of high pressure could form. This would force Deby on a mostly westward track, a track that would eventually threaten the U.S.

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Miss Magoo said...

Hurricanes are so scary! They are predicting at least one or two to hit here in Long Island, NY this year! I pray to God that it won't as I pray to God it wont hit there or anywhere! We've had some pretty darn scary rain around here. What part exactly of the US this hurricane could hit?