Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Two Players On The Map

(Jacksonville, FL) There are two players in the Atlantic, at this time. The first and more significant of the two is of coarse tropical storm Debby. Debby continues to defy forecasts. Its seems as though when the storm is forecasted to go west, it goes north and when the storm is forecasted to weaken, it strengthens.

Debby should continue on a westnorthwest track for the next several days. At this point, while in the Central Atlantic, the storm should by steered northward- making it no threat to land. What has to happen for this to come about is that a high pressure system, centered in the Central Atlantic has to weaken; this therefore, would create a weakness or , in other words, a path for the cyclone to take.

The other area we are monitoring is just east of the Leeward Islands. This storm, unlike Debby, will threaten the U.S. if it develops. Its eventual path would lead it into the Southeast Gulf. An hurricane reconnaissance hunter aircraft is scheduled to investigate the system tomorrow.

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