Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Any Threats to Us or the U.S. in the Tropics?

  • Julia: eastern Atlantic hurricane- never will be a threat to land
  • Karl: a tropical storm in the Caribbean- will be a nuisance for Central America
  • Igor: ??? Threat to North Carolina or Bermuda ???

Julia and Karl are no threats to Florida or the United States.

The jury is still on the future path of Igor but if history and models tell us anything then Igor will recurve harmlessly away from the U.S.

With 3 more names out of the way is hurricane season 2010 winding down to a close? NO. Within the next week there should be Lisa and Matthew to track in the Atlantic Basin. Statistically 48% of the hurricane season remains so buckle your seat belt.

Did you know that more tropical cyclones strike Florida during the month of October than any other month? hmm.....

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