Sunday, October 17, 2010

Drought Conditions to Worsen

  • Last measurable rainfall amount:September 29th: .040 inches
  • Next chance of rain: October 29th
  • Drought to become SEVERE

The First Coast will go a month without rain. This puts the area in a perilous situation. For the year, Jacksonville is nearly 15 inches below normal. The bad news is that we are entering our drier time of year. October only averages 5.11 inches of rain. The drought is measured by the Keetch Byram Drought Index. This index specifically measures the amount of moisture in the first couple of feet of the ground. Counties in red have limited moisture in the first couple of feet and, therefore, are experiencing severe drought conditions.

Conditions are likely to get worse over the next several weeks and months. For the rest of the month of October and into November, temperatures are supposed to remain at or slightly above average with below average precipitation. La Nina is to blame for the dry pattern. The only hope for precipitation might be a tropical cyclone towards the end of the month.

           Temperature Departure:                      Precipitation Departure:

Winter is likely to remain dry as the affects of La Nina continue to be felt across North America. The Ohio Valley is likely to be the benefactor of the current climate pattern. Warmth and dryness is likely to remain in place in parts of the Southeast and Florida. A pattern change from La Nina to El Nino is not likely until late 2011.

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