Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pollen Levels Increase with Dry Weather

Been sneezing lately? You are probably not sick; it is you allergies that are acting up. Specifically, weed and grass pollen is higher than it should be, for this time of year. Without rain, these levels will stay moderate, if not increase. The bad news is that there is no rain in sight.

When it comes to weed allergies, ragweed is the star. Its pollen is one of the most potent. Only a few ragweed pollen grains are needed to produce hay fever, which is bad news considering that one ragweed plant can produce one billion pollen grains in a season.

TREE POLLEN LOW10Pollen/Cubic meter air
WEED POLLEN MEDIUM1,045Pollen/Cubic meter air
GRASS POLLEN MEDIUM10Pollen/Cubic meter air
MOLD SPORES LOW2,433Mold Spores/Cubic meter air

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