Saturday, January 01, 2011

Drought Conditions Continue

The First Coast enters the new year with a rainfall deficit of nearly 20 inches of rain. So do the up coming few weeks offer any relief from the dry conditions? Yes. It appears the jet stream will become zonal across the country. There will be at least 2 "decent" chances of rain for Jacksonville during the next couple of weeks.  The average January rainfall is around 3.69 inches.

Possible rainfall on or near January 2nd 

Possible Rainfall on or near January 13th
It will take a lot of rainfall to reduce the drought conditions and make up for the nearly 20 inch deficit. The U.S. Drought Monitor has the First Coast in a "Severe Drought." This status is unlikely to drastically change during the remainder of the winter months. Meaning that the area will be going into its normal fire season (April, May, June) like a tinderbox.

>>>Check out the Fire Center for more information.

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