Friday, January 07, 2011

Large Winter Storm to Affect the Deep South

A large winter storm will produce plenty of ice, snow, and severe thunderstorms across much of the eastern third of the nation. Here in Jacksonville it just looks like we will be dealing with thunderstorms. The timing looks like the rain will start late Sunday night and run through Monday night. So, if you have any plans on Monday that are weather dependent you will have to find alternative plans. It looks like the thunderstorms will be on the heavy side and produce plenty of rain and wind. Rain totals around North Florida could total around one inch. A few of the storms may be strong, but we are not looking at a wide spread severe weather outbreak.

Estimated Rainfall Amounts

 Frozen precipitation will be close but stay about 100 miles north of Jacksonville. Other locations in the Southeast may not be so lucky though. Ice should turn into snow into many locations in the Southeast.

Expected S.E. Snow Totals:
  • Savannah, GA= Ice
  • Macon, GA= Ice & 2 inches of snow
  • Atlanta, GA= Ice & 3.5 inches of snow
  • Columbia, SC= Ice & 3.0 inches of snow
  • Winston Salem, NC= 4.5 inches of snow
  • Raleigh, NC= Ice & flurries
  • Charlotte, NC= Ice & 2.5 inches of snow

Southern snow means a cold, Canadian air mass will have no problems making its way to Florida. Expect many freezes from the 12th to the 16th. 

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