Sunday, January 02, 2011

Warm & Wet January On Tap

Typically the low temperature averages 41.9 degrees and the average high is 64.2 degrees in January, here in Jacksonville. So far we have been well above both of those degree values, and the trend will continue. 

The jet stream has retreated to the Ohio Valley meaning that the cold air and winter whether will be locked up in parts of the Upper Midwest for some time. Our weather will be influenced by a more southwesterly flow. Meaning that will have have to monitor the Gulf of Mexico for any potential rain that could head our way. This pattern does tend to increase or precipitation levels because of the higher dewpoints that are pushed into our area. 

January, statistically, is the second cloudiest month of the year, on the First Coast. Only 58% of the potential sunshine actually makes it through the clouds to the surface. Jacksonville's average precipitation is 3.69 inches of rainfall. Check out (below) how much rainfall the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center has us receiving during the next 5 days. Two inches of rainfall! With precipitation totals that high we may be able to knock down the 19 inch rainfall deficit of 2010 a little bit.

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