Monday, February 14, 2011

Winter Over for Jacksonville

This past Sunday will turn out to be Jacksonville's last freeze of winter 2010-2011. Officially, Jacksonville International recorded 30 freezes. This was well shy of the record of 49 freezes. Through the next 16 days, the farthest computer models go, temperatures will, for the most part, be above normal. The Climate Prediction Center agrees with this assessment. They label North Florida and South Georgia as having greater than a 50% chance of having above average weather for the next couple of weeks.

Normally, when affected by high pressure, we experience cool conditions. But since the location of the pressure system is east and north of the area, a southeasterly flow will establish itself for much of the week. Conditions will be dry though. The average high temperature is 68 degrees this time of year and the average low is 45 degrees.
High Pressure System Centered Off of Carolina Coast.

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