Thursday, March 17, 2011

Computer Models Now Tracking Radiation

Models that are usually used for hurricane forecasts and your everyday weather planners are now being examined for another feature they can show. Models, such as the GFS, can show the future path  that airborne particulates will take. This is particularly helpful, in these times, because of the radiation that is being leaked into the atmosphere from nuclear sites in Japan.

The latest run of the GFS
It is important to know just how far radiation particles are making it up in the atmosphere. So far, no one has a clue. Based off of what the computer model is saying, current particles will not reach Florida in any capacity. If both the quantity and the quality of radiation being released increases, the story could be different.

The GFS lays out three trajectories, indicated by the red, blue, and green lines. None go over the First Coast or even make it close. The lines go out the entire forecasted time of an particle's lifespan. 

>>Check Out the Latest Run of the Computer Model Here

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