Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jacksonville Drought & Smoke on the Increase

With the top levels of the soil becoming bone dry, desert-like conditions will soon take over. Significant rainfall could be weeks away.  The atmosphere is simply too capped to allow afternoon thunderstorm activity to develop.  Hazy/Smoky mornings and afternoons will return midweek, with the lessening of winds.

Current Wildfires- Dozens Cover The Florida Landscape

Current KDBI Drought Levels: (Any level above 750 is considered to be desert conditions)
Clay: 607
Duval: 605
Nassau: 621
St. Johns: 626

May's rainfall was nearly 2 inches below normal. This figure is on top of last year's 17.5 inch deficit. Any help from the tropics is months away. Shear levels are too high to allow any type of development. In fact, June will likely go down in the record books as having no named tropical storms.

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