Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jacksonville Drought

It is increasing looking like the only relief, from dry conditions, will have to come from the tropics. The bad news is that any near-by, tropical activity is months away. Last year finished around 17 inches below normal. Already this year, the area is between 1-2 inches of rain below normal.  A ridge of high pressure will continue to dominate the weather for the next several days. Showers and thunderstorms will be around during the Memorial Day holiday but will not affect everyone. In fact, some areas will not receive precipitation for the rest of the month. 

General Location of High Pressure

As for upcoming summer months, drought relief looks like it will be hard to come by. Climate models are increasingly showing dry scenarios. La Niña has weakened but, for the next several months, will continue to influence weather patterns. It is usual, that during La Niña events, drought conditions plague parts of the South.
Computer Forecast for June, July, & August

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