Thursday, June 16, 2011

Evacuations in Southeast Georgia and Northeast Florida

As for needed rainfall, the rain that has fallen will likely be the majority that we get, for awhile. For the month, only 1.32 inches of rain has fallen as Jacksonville International Airport. That makes this June the second driest on record, so far. The Storms Prediction Center has less than .10 inches of rainfall, for the majority of the area, during the next 5 days. If this is indeed the case, drought and fire conditions will considerably worsen.   

Precipitation for next 5 days.

Here are the latest evacuations and figures:
-Ware County: 200 residents evacuated, so far; 2 structures destroyed
-Charlton County: 150 residents, so far; 3 structures destroyed
-Camden County: 40 residents, so far; 5 structures destroyed
-Flagler County: 27 residents evacuated, so far; 1 structure destroyed
-Putnam County: 130 residents evacuated, so far; no structures destroyed

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