Monday, June 06, 2011

June 6th Storms

Heavy storms once again formed thanks to a weak frontal boundary. Frontal boundaries seem to be the only hope of getting any type of decent rainfall. The bad news is that it will only get harder and harder for frontal boundaries to make it into the area, as the main storm track slides even further north.
Frontal Boundary On June 6th

June 6th Total Rainfall
It looks like the rain that fell on June 6th (0.02 inches at JAX) could set Jacksonville up for one of the driest Junes in the area's history. The later parts of June are notorious for afternoon thunderstorm activity, but this year seems to be an anomaly. Pressures are simply too high to allow any type of mixing and thunderstorm development. In addition, the flow aloft, higher up in the atmosphere, is aligned with the direction of the sea breeze. When this happens, benign, or fair weather typically sets up for  the remainder of the day.

At the current rate of soil moisture loss, local counties will be officially labeled as having soil moisture that is desert-like, by the end of this month.

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