Wednesday, June 01, 2011

June Area Forecast For Jacksonville

A typical June in Jacksonville begins the month with (67-87) being the averages. Temperatures gradually rise to an average (72-90) by the end of the month. And precipitation usually averages 5.37 inches.

The forecast for this June is not a good one, considering the fact that North Florida and South Georgia are in a severe drought. Temperatures will be above normal and precipitation will be well below normal.   

June 2011 Temperature Forecast
Temperatures will likely start out averaging in the low to mid 90's. As June progresses, it looks like mid 90's will be the rule of thumb. Expect temperatures to near 100 degrees several days, during the month of June. 

June 2011 Precipitation Forecast

Precipitation will be at least 35% below normal. This means that, June's monthly precipitation total will come in around 2 inches below normal. If this does indeed happen, Flagler County's soil dryness will be officially labeled as desert-like.  

KDBI Drought Index


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