Tuesday, July 12, 2011

June 2011 Weather Summary

June was a month that many in the South would rather forget. Many states, including Florida, broke and set new records. This was because of several areas of high pressure controlling what happened in much of the southern third of the nation. June 2011 was notorious for being an active wildfire month.

If not for late month rains in the State of Florida, it would have joined New Mexico as the driest June on record. Overall, 6.07 inches of rainfall fell in Jacksonville. The rainfall, that fell, did little to stop Florida from bringing in its 9th driest June in recorded history.

Precipitation Rank
Because there was very little to mix the atmosphere and the pattern up, temperatures responded by climbing to record levels. June 2011 in Florida was the 5th hottest June, in the last 117 years. June's hottest temperature in Jacksonville was 98 degrees. 23 of June's 31 days had high temperatures of 90 degrees or above. The year 2011 already has recorded 54 days of temperatures of at least 90 degrees.

June 2011 Temperature Rank; Out of 117

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