Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Southeast Georgia Smoke Forecast

Areas of Concern
Smoke continues to blanket portions of Georgia. The culprit is the Honey Prairie Fire Complex. This wildfire continues to burn and is only about 70% contained. So far, it has burned close to 300,000 acres.   
The fire will remain active until the area receives decent rainfall. As of now, large scale rains are not anticipated. Fires crews from 47 states are helping to fight the fire. 

Smoke Dispersion Direction (for SE GA):
Thursday: Wind From the SE will push smoke to NW; Smoke Index: 3 out of 10
Wind From the SSE will push smoke to NNW;  Smoke Index: 2 out of 10
Saturday: Wind From the WSW will push smoke to ENE; Smoke Index: 5 out of 10
Sunday: Wind From the WSW will push smoke to ENE;  Smoke Index: 4 out of 10
Monday: Wind From the SW will push smoke to NE;  Smoke Index: 3 out of 10

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