Tuesday, August 09, 2011

2011-2012 Winter Forecast

Since Accuweather comes out with their winter forecast today, I wanted to be the first the one to share mine with the public. First off, it looks like we will be dealing with the changing of the guard, during this upcoming winter season, from  La Nina to El Nino. All this simply means is that the worse of the winter weather will slip a little bit further south and west than where it was last year. So, here is my first stab at this winter's forecast.

Winter 2011-2012 Forecast
Florida should have a much more moderate winter compared to last year's. Expect above advantage readings in South Florida. North Florida and South Georgia should be around normal,with near normal precipitation. The place not to be in is in the Tennessee and southern Ohio Valleys. This will be the 2011/2012 winter battle zone. It looks like Texas and Louisiana will continue to stay dry. And the Pacific Northwest will be unseasonably warm.  

My forecast is basically a blend between what an El Nino produces and what happens during a La Nina winter. The forecast is certainly based more upon the El Nino philosophy though. 


Anonymous said...

About time I see someone who has the same thoughts about this coming winter as I do. Here's to hoping we're right!!

PS: I live in the southern OH valley... :-)

Andrew Wulfeck said...

Thanks for reading and agreeing. I don't see how the Ohio Valley misses out this winter.

BarbraDRN said...

We are Canadian snowbirds arriving Fort Myers Beach Nov 20 2011 to end of April 2012 will we have a great winter?

BarbraDRN said...

We are Canadian snowbirds from Ontario arriving Fort Myers Beach Nov 20 untill the end of April will we have a great Florida winter?

Andrew Wulfeck said...

Thanks for reading! Winter looking dry and warm for Florida.