Monday, August 08, 2011

Drought Conditions Continue For North Florida

Drought- August 8th
Already this month, Jacksonville is officially below average on the rain gauge. Jacksonville averages 6.87 inches during a typical August. This makes August the second wettest, only behind that of September.  A good indication of how dry it is by the looking at the number of significant fires around the area. Several exist in Southeast Georgia and Northeast Florida.

Current Fire Scenario
There does not look like there is any relief in forecast. Forecast models are only showing about 2-3 inches for the remainder of the month. Areas of high pressure are to blame for the such dry conditions. As we head deeper into the month, they will act to decrease the usually active Gulf Coast sea breeze. The addition of tropical cyclones is likely to add more to the misery. Tropical systems are notorious for the dry air that bring on their western sides. With a stronger than usual trough in place, the First Coast will likely find itself on the dry side of multiple recurving cyclones.    

Dry Air Scenario From Tropical Systems

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