Thursday, August 25, 2011

Future Movement Of Irene

Interesting synoptics have formed tonight, in regards to Irene. Notice how pressures on the map below have formed  a "V" shape.  This is likely an indication that Irene will travel in a more north and easterly direction for the next couple of hours. It is in essence pointing where her future track lies. Tropical systems travel towards areas of lower pressures. Currently, lower pressures exist are over ocean. This could end up being good news in the long run because of the fact that Irene will likely now stay offshore of North Carolina.

This more easterly motion that is starring all meteorologists in the face this evening should not be a surprise. One of the BAMS models has been showing this more easterly path for days. To sum it all together, residents in the States of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina are not in any danger. They can expect just some rough seas and high surf. The majority of residents in North Carolina and Virginia will also just minimal impacts. In fact, the Outer Banks of North Carolina and other land masses that protrude into the Atlantic Ocean, such as Cape Cod, may be the only places that experience true hurricane conditions.

Irene Model Plot

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