Thursday, September 01, 2011

August 2011 Jacksonville Weather Summary

August 2011 goes down in the record book as being the 7th hottest on record. Every day of the month was spent with high temperatures in the 90's; this was the first time in history that a month of August has recorded every day spent in the 90's These warm temperatures also paint the picture on how dry it was. The month closed out with a deficit of -1.51 inches of rainfall. Only 5.03 inches of rain fell at Jacksonville International. Many areas of Northeast Florida saw only about 75% of their usual rainfall, while Southeast Georgia fared much worse. In fact, some areas saw only about 10% of the average rainfall they expect to see.

August Precip. Percentage of Average.

The maximum sustained wind was 26 mph and the maximum wind gust was 37 mph; both occurred on August 9th and were not associated with Hurricane Irene.

A normal year, in North Florida, only sees about 42 days of 90 degree readings. So far this year there have been 70 days.

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