Monday, September 12, 2011

Below Average 2011 Hurricane Season Continues

I know that what when some read the headline, they will think that either I am wrong or it is a misprint. But, it is not. The 2011 hurricane season continues to bell well below average. We have had many named storms but the truth none of them have been impressive. It seems as if the National Hurricane Center has given a name to everything that has spun out there in the tropics. This is why we are already at the "O" storm (Ophelia).

There are two measures that justify this being a slow season. [Reason 1] This season has seen just 2 hurricanes. This is 50% below the value for what it should be; it should be at 4. [Reason 2] The energy that each tropical system produces called Accumulated cyclone energy (ACE) is well below average. The ACE of a tropical system is the only true form of how powerful a storm remained, during its lifetime. So far, this season has recorded a total ACE of  68.505. An average season has an ACE around 87.5 units.

FSU- Measure of ACE Per Year In The Atlantic Basin.
Average Tropical Season: 
12 Named Storms
6 Hurricanes
2 Major

This Year (So Far):
14 Named Storms
2 Hurricanes
2 Major

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