Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Florida-Georgia Drought

Active Fires Exist West and North of Jacksonville
If you are smelling smoke, there is good reason. Five major fires continue to burn in the surrounding areas of Jacksonville. Already this month, the deficit stands at 1.35 inches. This puts this year's deficit at around 3 inches. The combined deficit over 2010 and 2011 is around 22 inches. The only hope of substantial rainfall is from a tropical system. As of now, the combination of tropical systems has only produced dry air.

Current KBDI Index
All of this news and dry air should not be a surprise. As first mentioned on this blog, the end of summer and the early part of fall always had the set-up as being dryer than average. What is concerning is La Nina's status is close to paralleling that of last year. This means that October, November, and December could be bone dry, if not for help from the tropics.

Dry Air Scenario

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