Monday, September 12, 2011

Smoke In Jacksonville, North Florida, and South Georgia Continues

Anytime the wind is blowing from the west or the northwest expect to smell smoke. There are multiple large fires that continue to burn in Southeast Georgia and North Florida. The Okefenokee Swamp Fire is the biggest culprit from the smoke. Some 310,000 acres have burned in the refuge. The main fire that is burning in North Florida is in the southern portions of the Osceola National Forest, just to the north of Lake Butler.
Wildfires Erupt Around The First Coast
Duval and Nassau Counties remain the driest counties, in the State. In fact, parts of Downtown Jacksonville, Fernandina and Amelia Island are desert dry. There is a small chance of rain this weekend, but it will not do anything alleviate the drought situation.

KDBI- Drought Index
Satellite picture from the morning of the 13th below. Shows a shield of smoke over North Florida from the numerous forest fires burning to the west of town.

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