Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Travel Weather

This Thanksgiving's travel weather actually looks seemingly calm with few experiencing major delays and headaches. A storm system will progress through the mid section of the country and provide portions of the Mississippi Valley with a chance of severe thunderstorms. Many areas, in the East, will receive rainfall but when averaged out with the other weather that will be experienced, the end mean will not be too bad.

Areas of Country Ranked by Weekly Weather Conditions:
Southwest: Best
Northeast: Not Bad
Southeast: Average
Northwest: Poor
Midwest: Bad
Central Plains: Awful

Mid-Week Synoptic Scenario
Numerous areas of high pressure will help limit the extent to which this particular, midweek storm system will be able to wind up. Warm temperatures should be plentiful around the main inflow channel but a stark contrast between temperatures will not exist. 

Because the storm will be in its evolving stages and move slowly, heavy rain will accumulate from the Red River Valley to southwest portions of the Ohio Valley. This area of country will likely fall victim to numerous heavy precipitation events as we head into the early winter months.
Estimated Rainfall Amounts Through Thanksgiving

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