Friday, November 18, 2011

What was the weather like during the first Thanksgiving?

No one really knows the date of the first Thanksgiving. It is thought that it occurred around October 24th, 1621 and lasted for 3 days. Weather conditions were not specifically written down, but we do have some inclinations of the conditions that were experienced some nearly 400 years ago.      

One has to assume that the weather was uneventful and near normal conditions occurred. Major weather events occurred and were recorded during both the early fall season and early winter. A normal New England during this time period would have high temperatures in the lower 60's. And it was likely dry.
Late October 1621: Weather map depicts a stormy West and a rather warm and tranquil East.
It is important to note that the Pilgrims actually landed in New England during the fall of 1620. This year was particularly rough, weather speaking. Seas were rough which actually made the Pilgrims divert to Plymouth Massachusetts. Their first winter was cold and snowy, followed by a rough Spring and early summer. But these harsh conditions, for humans, actually primed the soil and lead to a plentiful fall harvest for North America's first Thanksgiving in 1621.

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