Sunday, December 18, 2011

Few To Have White Christmas in 2011

GTN is dreaming for a white Christmas, are you? There is both good and bad news when it comes down to this department. First off, Florida or any other portion of the Southeast will not see snow. This is pretty much widely expected, since such an event is a rare entity.

The Bad News: Most of the country is snow free, as of this point. This is unusual for this part of December. Cities such as Green Bay, Fargo, and International Falls do not even have snow on the ground! Why the lack of snow? There are two reasons: 1) Cold air has not been able to penetrate into the lower U.S. 48. 2) Storm systems have been on the tame side and have lacked moisture.

Current Snow and Ice layer
Usually between 1/3rd and 1/2th see snow on the ground for Christmas
Now to the good news. The next two weeks will feature a more active storm pattern across the East.The storm systems will increase the chances of snow for those in the Upper Ohio Valley. They will also tend to increase precipitation in the Tennessee Valley, but it should be of the liquid variety. 

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