Monday, December 12, 2011

Rains Slightly Help Drought Situation For Some

Recent rains have aided in the fight against the ongoing drought. The drier locations, of the State, picked up on widespread 2-4 inches of rainfall. These rains will subdue immediate wildfire concerns.  Areas south and west of Gainesville were not as lucky with the rainfall. In fact, many areas of Gilchrist, Dixie, and Levy Counties picked up no rainfall.
Estimated Rainfall: Past 48 Hour
The rainfall that occurred was produced by the combination two weather complexes. A Nor'easter in the Atlantic combined with a jet stream disturbance. The existence of both, in the same region, is a rather rare event, for this part of the country. With the departure of both influences, the area will gradually warm to near 80 degrees by the end of the work week. Unfortunately, the next best chance of rain is about one week away. And the general chance of heavy rainfall is not that great.
Current Drought Index

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