Saturday, December 10, 2011

Signifcant Winter Storm On The Way For Eastern Seaboard

The next several days will lead to a gradual warm up with temperatures topping out in the mid to upper 70's, during the midweek time frame. The warm temperatures will add fuel to the fire, so to speak, and will help energize the next storm system. Affects will vary greatly because of sharp temperature contrasts. 

Model Depiction For Sunday the 18th.
Areas in North Florida will pick on rainfall, but it looks like the majority of the rainfall will, unfortunately, miss the area. The last significant rainfall in the region happened during Thanksgiving weak. For the year, the area is nearly 5 inches of precipitation below normal, so we will take any rainfall that we can get. Rainfall totals, at this point, looks like they will come in at below half-an-inch around Monday the 19th of December. Once again, rain will be light and severe weather does not look likely.
Forecasted Rainfall Amounts from Saturday the 18th - Tuesday the 20th.

Outside of Florida, areas of the deep South and coastal Carolinas will likely pick up on some severe weather. Areas of the Appalachians and eastern Ohio Valley look to be in store for a sizable snow event. And major hubs across the East will pick up on some decent rainfall and avoid most of the wintry weather. All the adverse weather will be associated with a cold frontal boundary. Once the cold front passes through the North Florida region, subfreezing temperatures could be possible.   

Forecast Weather for Monday the 19th

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